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Today marks the 10-year anniversary of this weird yet disturbing MLP fan song by Glaze/WoodenToaster. The story that this inspired is not for the faint of heart, and these maps were made to reflect that.
Don’t ask why I know what Rainbow Factory is

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This map has fun parts and shows some good ideas in the patterns, but the heavy use of the bottom row, especially in Expert, has reduced the mapper's pattern and representation choices over all. Some vision blocks reduce the readability of the map, too.  I have labeled the difficulty as Intermediate for both Hard and Expert because the streams and the use of bombs require good reading skills to FC the map.

I really enjoyed the Hard level of this map. The lower note density allows for more sway, swing momentum, and it is easier to read. There are a few parity breaks in Hard that feel awkward, like the left-hand upward reset after the first crouch wall, but it is a better play than the Expert level. The heaviness of the streams in Expert really reduced the fun factor.

The ominous, bass heavy tone of the song deserves the heavy hits and bottom row notes, but when the keyboard punches and vocal elements are also mapped there so often, the map begins to feel flat. There are moments where top row singles and doubles are used to catch higher vocal points, but the gameplay feels like it deserves more use of elevation in the middle and top rows.

The bottom row streams did provide some fun for me when wandering back & forth, or switching to diagonals up against the side, like around 1:50. 

Use of the standard lighting elements is very well done for a newer mapper using Beatmapper. Commendable effort here at creating a more than supporting light show that does not have common new-mapper choices like painful strobes. The lighting also provides good visibility for the bombs - another thing new mappers often miss.

The opening 6 seconds of piano is accompanied only by lights, then some dodge walls, and the blocks show up at 15 seconds. The piano is heavy enough that the effect is a feeling of the opening being under-mapped in the Expert level.

Some of the bottom row 90s feel a bit rough, with < 0.5 seconds between the vertical & horizontal hits, like at the 1:20 mark. 

Top Row dots in Expert are good choices for representing some unique sounds there.

The double stack pattern in Hard, like that around the 1:45 mark, surprised me. The reverse drum hit sound there is preceded by 2 bombs and then the double stack. I would expect the stack to feel overemphasized, but it does not - the flow feels really going through those. The subsequent right backhand in Lane 4 is a reach and would be better in Lane 3 for smoother flow, as well as readability. It is close to the tail of a wall.

BombardToo has demonstrated a good grasp of many mapping fundamentals, including lighting.  I recommend this mapper expand their participation in the mapping community and take advantage of the new-to-mapping,  mapping-discussion, and play-testing channels on the Beat Saber Mapping and BSMG discords to get some third party feedback from more experienced mappers before they upload their next map.  Their mapping efforts would benefit from some focused & constructive critiques of their next map to improve playability and eliminate common errors. 

Nice work so far, BombardToo.