Pokemon – Ranger School

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CocoaGalaxy has a subset of maps they create that are really good for practice and specific skill refinements. They are often short, like under 1 minute, and present the player with a series of types of hits, balanced between both hands, that require you to do the basics well - Jump streams, cross-board swings, diagonal streams, etc. You won't find mapping mistakes in these. The play is clean and flows. This may not be their intention for some of these maps, but I find they have great utility for practice and warmups.

Some of these are fast, jump filled challenges challenges set to partial songs. Some are straightforward maps for short songs. "Pokemon - Ranger School" is the later.

All 3 difficulties in this map are Novice level.  Newer players looking to improve their consistency between hands, get comfy with big swings, or practice short-cut hits on diagonals should be playing these maps and checking their swing data afterwards. 

For those casual players that just want a chill map, this one is OK, too. I wish the mapper had done more with the lights to better support the map. Some of the diagonals sequences in Expert fall flat in representation in areas where pitch or intensity are dropping, yet the patterns stay symmetric and constant.

More experienced players comfy with the Normal and Hard difficulties in current Ranked maps won't find that level of challenge here, but may find this map, and others like it, good for focused practice on controlling swing momentum. Are you good at faster maps, but have frequent misses when the JD gets above 22 and the NJS drops below 17? Slow down with the Expert diff in this map and work on controlling your swings for those 115s.

Mapper: CocoaGalaxy

Ranger School from Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia (100BPM)

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