Wait – M83 (wall art, 2021 remap)

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Mapper: nyri0

My map of the song Wait by M83 was one of the precursors of the current Beat Saber art scene and is one of the highest-rated Beat Saber maps of all time. But I made a lot of rookie mapping mistakes and Noodle Extensions has also come a long way since then. Using the latest version of NE, better mapping knowledge, and feedback from great mappers (special thanks to Cyansnow and Aggrogahu), I made an improved version of Wait. I hope you’ll enjoy rediscovering this melancholic ride.

Tips for a better experience:
– Don’t use static lights; there shouldn’t be any lights
– Hide the HUD in player settings
– Enable “bloom post-processing”
– Enable “screen distortion effects”

Installation instructions:
– You will need Noodle Extensions and Chroma and their dependencies. All are now available on ModAssistant.
– If you read this in a future where the update broke the mods and they haven’t been approved on ModAssistant yet, install the basic mods from ModAssistant and get the latest releases of Noodle Extensions, Heck, and Chroma from Aeroluna’s GitHub: https://github.com/Aeroluna


My social media links (please follow/subscribe): https://linktr.ee/nyri0

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