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ALPHA 9 – All That I Can

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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I saw this map come up through a few rounds of test plays, even doing one myself. The mapper has done well listening to feedback and taking the time to work on making a map on top of a very repetitive song without making the map completely repetitive, especially in the Hard and Expert difficulties. Simple variations between using double vs stacks vs diagonals and elevation for emphasis and pitch changes are well demonstrated throughout the map. 

Both Expert and Hard are nice to groove along with. I really like the cross-board horizontal swings in some of the sections; I've always had a problem with those and playing the Expert difficulty of this map I started to get the feeling for how to effective hit those and it was rewarding.

The Hard and Normal difficulties are good examples of working with simpler patterns, while still maintaining good representation.

There are Shrado angles scattered throughout, but the pacing is slow enough that they are never uncomfortable.

Even with the good pattern variety, the map can feel very repetitious. The mapper can use more obstacles on all difficulties to encourage more movement, add variety, and add additional challenge.

The Normal difficulty is straightforward and fine for new players; Pacing is good and can help really new players build up some stamina and work on their swings with a good mix of vertical and horizontal swings and occasional diagonals. More advanced players looking for warm-ups or acc practice should  probably look elsewhere

I played without the Cinema mod and found the lighting to be supportive.

Mapper: Ash_Darkfire

Genre: Progressive House
BPM: 126
Label: Anjunabeats

Something abit more progressive with 80s vibes from ARTY aka ALPHA 9. Still learning plenty of things and getting use to mapping more but like to think im slowly improving!
Utilizing the Cinema mod, simple video so not really required.
Also I remember seeing in the description of another map someone saying there isnt enough ARTY on beatsaber. heres my part! :3

Thanks to KanaMau as well as monstor & BrightKnight of the BSMG Discord for the playtests and feedback.

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