Patent Pending – Six Feet

Difficulties Expert+
430 59
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Mapper: brightknight

I heard this song a while ago and knew it would be fitting for a wall heavy map. Then I started mapping and though “You know what would be funny? DDs.” Then this map came to be. I was gonna rank it but realized I don’t think I’d be able to make good downmaps, and I really didn’t feel like putting the effort in to manually light it. So I’ve broken two of my rules now, this is autolit and only one diff, but the map is neat and I think it’s pretty fun.

Thank you to Blackjack for testing this kinda early in the process!
BlackJack –

Thank you to the following for modding!
Yabje –
Dash –

Edit 8-10-2021: I have now realized I don’t have to downmap based on rank criteria. Gonna do that whenever I can now lol.
Edit 11-5-2021: Queueueueueueueueueueue
(American dates because I’m from the country that likes to be quirky)

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