Noma – Brain Power (Mega MAP Collab & Mega SONG Collab)

Difficulties Expert+
14 9

Mapper: PlainYeti.

This map took a while. Many mappers, experienced, to inexperienced, mapped this.
Every time the artist in the song switches, the mapper in the map switches.
Enjoy the map! An estimated 20 hours of collective mapping was spent on this.
Credit to the following mappers: xKnight, PlainYeti (me), Flufflus, RJB, Raydz, andthesloth.

Knight: a literal ceiling fan#0001
andthesloth: andthesloth#6969
Flufflus: Flufflus#7648
PlainYeti: PlainYeti#0001
Raydz: Raydz#0001
RJB: RJB#1234

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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