Tanger, Schwank & Lil Triangle – Sussy Baka

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
190 19
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Mapper: Raydz

Pretty tech heavy map.

– Song Info –

BPM – 220-200
NJS – 22
Jump Distance – 21.6

– Difficulty Info –

Buffy Baka (Hard) – Buffed version of Expert+. Has inverted window sliders at the tech part near the end and ends off with 400 BPM sliders.
Nerfed or Nothing (Expert) – Nerfed version of Expert+. The only thing that has been changed is that there are no sliders at the tech part at the end.
AMOGUS (Expert+) – Best difficulty. Has 3 lane sliders at the tech part near the end, and much easier to read than Hard.

– Credits –

Entire map of all difficulties were mapped by Raydz. Playtested by Raydz and PlainYeti

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