Randy Dominguez – Dishonored Dead

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
37 108

Mapper: Demonspaz


Happy Halloween! (Early release)
Expert, Hard and Normal difficulty fully mapped. If you go for score, you might or might not like this custom song. I enjoy mapping songs like this as an art and for the users experience of the songs epic power, so take that in to consideration before playing. Thank you and enjoy!
(Sorry for the repetitive hallway of notes in the beginning. Notes match, but it was rushed to make the contest deadline.)
*Good or bad, feedback is always appreciated.
Discord: DEMONSPAZ#4708

Submitted for the 2018 BSMG Halloween Contest.
***Actual song that won the 2018 BSMG Halloween Contest (mapping category).

I upload a video on to YouTube of every song I map (usually playing the hardest difficulty for that song). Subscribe if you’d like to know when the next one is ready to play. πŸ™‚

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