INDUSTRY BABY [Noodle/Chroma] {Modchart}

Difficulties Expert
333 68
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Mapper: SpecVR

WOOOOO! I’m finally able to post this with the delays of me going on vacation, Beat Saber updating, and BeatSaver being down for a bit but I’m generally pretty happy with this map…

Special thanks to Tall_Chilis_Boi for doing mapping and lighting on this! Thanks to my playtesters/reviewers Fazcloon, Lone, thelightdesigner, and Zyxi. I really appreciate the feedback and tweaks you all suggested.

If you need to contact me I’m basically always on Discord.

New Preview:

Old Preview:

Programs and Resources used:
My Models:
My Timing Python Script:
ScuffedWalls for text, note animations, and model importing:

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