Underscore – Better Off Alone

Difficulties Expert Expert+
11 7

Mapper: Orinix

Reup #1 has been published. I have remapped the entire song into a new difficulty labelled, “Self-Awareness”. This has fixed a lot of the issues that the previous version had, and has a MUCH better intro than the old one. I kept the old difficulty (Lonely Forever) just to reflect on. I hope there’s no major issues with the map as I would like to rank it in the future.

Ex (Lonely Forever) – First ever published map, same as previous upload (10 hours 21 min to make)
Ex+ (Self Awareness) – Complete remap into a more readable and more fun diff (4 hours 24 min to make)

Both are very hard, and both utilize 3 stack sliders, cross-map jumps, all at 350bpm
All feedback goes to Orinix#1080 on discord

Star Ratings:
Ex: 12.5-13
Ex+: 12-12.5

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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