Marshmello, Eptic – Hitta (ft. Juicy J)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
65 4
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Mapper: timeweaver

I got that One Hitta Quitta.
WARNING: This map has some explicit language. You have been advised.

Yes i know this is technically a Marshmello song, but this is really Eptic’s sound. And Eptic is epic.
I split the Expert+ into 2 different difficulties because I didn’t know which version of the map to settle on, so i just put them both in. They’re split so that one version has stream-based patterns in the drop, and the other has One-handed based patterns. Enjoy!

Map and Lights all done by @Timeweaver
Expert+ [Expert+ (Jumps)] – 963 Notes | 5.62 NPS
Expert [Expert+ (Streams)] – 941 Notes | 5.50 NPS
Hard [Expert] – 737 Notes | 4.30 NPS

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