Diao ye zong feat. Meramipop – Shinkirou

Difficulties Expert+
67 2
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Mapper: RaZn

Collab with: Kikis & Pug

Expert+ only
190-318 (318) BPM
Lighting made by: Kikis! Thanks OwO
Length – 7:20
Chart Preview:

Extra comments: Definitely my hardest map by far. Thanks to Kikis & Pug for their help in this collab. Kikis’ part Start – 3:14; My part (RaZn) 3:14 – 5:34; Pug’s part 5:34 to Ending. Link to their other maps & twitch pages:

Kikis: https://beatsaver.com/browse/byuser/1372 & https://www.twitch.tv/kikislv
Pug: https://beatsaver.com/browse/byuser/2303 & https://www.twitch.tv/afriendlypug

(not for ranked, just mapped for fun)

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