Raydz – Darkside

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
2 4

Mapper: Raydz

Last reupload due to a few tweaks and missing lighting.

Second collaboration! Thank you to PlainYeti and Parapass for working on this map with me!

BPM: 170
NJS: 22

(Easy Lawless) Trollside – Mainly a map with 680bpm sliders. Difficulty for more towards challenge players. Mapped by Parapass.
(Expert+) Speedside – Average speed map, 170bpm jumps and doubles and at some parts 340bpm sliders. Mapped by Raydz.
(Expert) Staminaside – Full slider stamina map. Mainly consists of 340bpm sliders for 30 seconds. Mapped by PlainYeti.
(Hard) Vibroside – Basically the last upload of Darkside. Consists of vibros and bursts. Mapped by Raydz.

All of the difficulties have the same exact second half except for Vibroside.

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