Mitomoro – Arcadia Bae

Difficulties Expert Expert+
10 0
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Mapper: nightxrose

By popular demand and also out of spite because someone said I can’t make down maps I refreshed this old map with some updates to E+ and added an Expert Diff. Enjoy!

Copied Description: A fun jump map with some slider tech.
180 bpm (360 Peak eBPM) in both diffs
10.27 SPS
23 NJS 21 JD

6.75 SPS
20.5 NJS 20.5 JD

Thanks to DFeth for testing an earlier version of this and ThyYeet and A Jhintleman for suggesting this song. Their maps will be going for rank so go check them out

A Jhintleman:

We were gonna do soup cartel collab but I wanna rank mine once 360 is rankable which means reuploads so we can’t

As usual feedback at: Night Xrose#9817 on discord

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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