[Ranked] Imil – My Album Is Out On Dance Corps So Now I Am Allowed To Do A Dancecore Yay!

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
923 425

Mapper: emilia

P.S. There are NO triangles/double directionals in this map, but due to the strangeness and technicality of a lot of the patterns (readability-wise and intensity of twists), it might be easier to triangle some of the patterns. Though since the map was intended to have no triangles, you might have to cancel the triangle with another one everytime you do. Good luck!


A.) There just seems to be almost no flow at all. I found the 90 degree streams to flow the best, which shouldn’t be the case.
B.) A lot of the parts in the song that are the same are mapped with extremely different difficulty scaling.
C.) I get that you are trying to make high pp tech, but spamming the hell out of really uncomfortable angles is not the way to do that.
There is a small joke going around right now about how we are going back to 2018 mapping, this map unironically feels that way to me.

I try not to be biased against this type of mapping even though I don’t like it in general, but I think most people would agree with me on these statements.

no up notes at all on top dif
thanks foxy for le rt mod
thanks miitchel, fvrwvrd, pan and mawntee for testing
and pogyou sync for the lower difs feedback 😀

reup 1: sorry for the scores but i made lowers better and changed some small stuff on ex+ along with map cover!
reup 2: oops dif label and bomb xd

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