Camellia – Lúin Øf CeltchaЯ

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
419 24
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Mapper: Joshabi

Luin of Celtchar is such a jammer
Wow, I mapped semi-speed. Interesting.
306bpm map from acc player??? what??? how??? he cant map speed??

10.77 NPS and 9.3 SPS
21 NJS
Star Rating Estimate: Like Around 10.5*? Give or take 0.2* I think…

For Rank 😀
Status: Trying to get into queue
Reuploaded for: Added the lower difficulties to the mapset.

Thanks for Modding feedback from Aquaflee, Fraies and Rocker.

Doubled the BPM because apparently there are people who want
sub 16 JD on 21 NJS lmfao. Fixed a few things up, hopefully didn’t make anything worse ;-;

Feedback to my twitter please in the post where I put this beatsaver link.
Or my DMs, thats fine too monkaflushed

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