black_hat_magic 1.1. Balanced 1.4. Tech Electronic

Tanger — Nano

Difficulties Expert+
58 6
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Mapper: black_hat_magic

Totally didn’t just map this cause I thought it would get views on YouTube, no sir.

In all seriousness, this song is a jammer.

Original Video:

Another map made in two hours; this time actually under two hours since I didn’t have to spend thirty minutes figuring out the bpm.

Feedback on the map? Suggestions? Complaints? Death Threats? Send them to BlackHatMagic#6459 where they will promptly be thrown in the garb—I mean carefully considered when making future maps.

Reupload cause I forgot to save in MMA2 so it was old, stinky version first time. Glad I had autosaves enabled.

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