Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
453 19
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Mapper: techbutterfly

Get ready for one of rock’s most bizarre but beloved songs, Meatloaf’s 1978 hit, Paradise by the Dashboard Light! It’s long, it’s bombastic, it’s a play with three acts and a baseball game in the middle, and it’s totally fun and awesome. I had a blast mapping it, though it took a while, because of the length.

I uploaded a new version of this on 8/12/21 after finding a mismap in the expert standard diff.

Normal, Hard, Expert, Expert Plus Standard levels, as well as an Expert Plus 360.

Big thanks to Kilwrath for the playtest, and to MP for some help with timing.

If you like this map and would like to find more like it – that is, dancy dance maps – come by and browse our growing list of dance maps for beat saber. If you have some favorite dancemaps, come by our discord and suggest them so we can add them to the list! Links to the discord are on the website.

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  1. B-rock says:

    This has been my favorite map on beat saber but it doesn’t seem to work after the latest update (black screen). Anyone else having the same issue?

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