GHOUL (Expert++ version) – Camellia

Difficulties Expert+
40 18

Mapper: DankruptMemer

Thank you to Camellia for creating this awesome song (and album!) and listening to one dumb twitter request from over a year ago xD
And thank you for letting me in on this song early to have this launch alongside the premiere of the new album!

GHOUL is the direct sequel to GHOST that you may know and love (or hate to play) that I remapped way too many times, especially long after the meme died.
It’s an amazing song that I really enjoyed dumping hours and hours into mapping (though most of that was just simple listening tbh) and I hope you guys enjoy what Moriik and I have created 🙂

Thank you to Moriik for taking your time to map some amazing lights to this song, I definitely could not do it, especially with over twenty-two thousand lighting events.

This version contains the Expert++ difficulty.
Easy-Expert+ can be found here:

Still can’t believe this song and the VIP version of GHOST came together over a dumb tweet.

Note Counts:
Easy: 647
Normal: 997
Hard: 1543
Expert: 2190
Expert+: 2569
Expert++: 3301

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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