General Levy ft M Beat – Incredible (Ali G InDaHouse)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 5

Mapper: specificguy

Incredible (Jungle is Massive), featured in Ali G InDaHouse.

This is my first beat saber map. I made it for a friend as a part of an inside joke. I couldn’t find a version of this song anywhere so I figured I would give beat map creation a go.

I would like to stress *I DO NOT OWN THE GAME AND I HAVE NEVER PLAYED IT*, but I have seen friends stream it over discord tonnes, and same with YouTube playthroughs. I did get my friends to play test the map throughout it’s creation.

Expert+, Expert:
– Expert+ = Basically Impossible (Only at Some Points)
– Expert = Slightly Friendlier (Based on the Expert+ Version)

I have plans to make more maps, and probably update existing ones as I receive feedback from friends. Hopefully my skills will develop, but I would like to explore and experiment with different songs to find my mapping style.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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