Crystal Skies & Danny Olson – Like Water (feat. Jadelyn) [Chroma 2.4]

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Mapper: Fatalution

Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable all effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.4.9+ lightshow.
Turn on Smoke in Graphics to make the lightshow even better (there is something special for you to discover).
Requested by Stemisty.

Give it some time to load. The map has a lot of lighting events 🙂

We’re flowing. We’re flowing down.
Full spread, as per usual. Don’t shy away even if you are a new player, you will find the difficulty suitable for you.

Lightshow preview: 

Gameplay preview: 

Additional thanks:
Playtesting: Blackjack72, Artjoms, RemieGino14, Stemisty.

Enjoy the map. And enjoy the lights.

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Would love to hear your feedback: Fatalution#3973

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  1. llamakitten says:

    How do you install Chroma when you hvae a Mac and an Oculus Quest?

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