Made In Love SDVX

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert+
788 286
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Mapper: Mystikmol

This is a pretty special release for me because I just wanted to take some time and thank everyone in the Beat Saber community for the past few months as they have been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the continuous support. A big chunk of why I enjoy charting and working day and night to get new songs done is because of you all! The community has been extremely warm and crazy fun to be with and I just wanted to make sure that you all know how much I appreciate ya’ll! Thank you for everything!!! This one is for you guys <3 ~ Mystikmol

Moriik, AntRazor, Hexagonial, Fraies, Yoshi Senpai, Bion, AFriendlyPug, Krydar, Souk, Qeud, Ashelyriott, LeBandit, Donne, OrangeW, Fayhe, Kikis, FatBeanzoop, Golfa, Tammymatty, Weaboo Jones, Williums, woops, ikeiwa, CriminalCannoli Freeek, squeaksies, Kizuflux, Bockman, Rogdude, Ugly Magician, Cheesydream, AllanP, Gaist, Vause, KoldKat, DuoVR, Project_EvilEys, miitchel, RinkuSenpai, Shipmoody, Hoppaw, BlackBlazon, OGPranksterGankster, Reaxt, Saut, Razn, BananenTropfen, Centripetal, ShadowLord723, TheBagel3, RandomKenny, Kosmos, Shonzo, ejiejidayo, Nut3z, Voolas, MNGO, aatykon, Pietruz, NoobieGamerGirl, VROssan, BennyDaBeast, dotdotdotrar, Loloppe, Luxas, iraky1, XyherOrion, Awfulnaut, Interz, SarahLaSerena, DannyHopper, tehjoelseph, NiceToMeetYou, wizardoffail, Fromen, KingPeuche, dankruptmemer, Yun0, Azer, ag0za,


Made In Love by Chroma

BPM: 88

Chart Information

Song run time: 2:18


Notes: 74
Obstacles: 2


Notes: 171
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 371
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 634
Obstacles: 16

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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