LOONA – Paint The Town

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
296 8
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Mapper: Verociity

One of the best title tracks and albums from LOONA yet, they really keep improving every comeback so I really enjoyed this one. I spent a lot more time than usual mapping this to do the song justice, even learned how to use Chroma so you’ll need the plugin. Expert+ is the intended difficulty but it’s significantly harder than expert and hard, each difficulty is quite different. Be aware there’s a big bomb reset section at the end of expert+
Thanks to loli for testing and feedback and KingLeviathon for help with chroma lighting.

FPV playthrough:

πŸ“Έ Heejin cover art on IG:

Discord: Verociity#6543

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  1. Otakitty says:

    Btw I wanted to give it all 5s 😒

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