Apashe – Uebok VIP [Chroma 2.4]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
2023 108
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Mapper: Fatalution

Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable all effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.4.9+ lightshow

It is Apashe. It bops.
Gotta run. And play.

@ThySpoon asked for it to be ranked. It is now ranked.

Easy and Normal difficulties would be comfortable even for the new players to play.
Hard is…where it should it be – in the middle of Expert and Normal.
Expert is dancy.
Expert+ is dancy and challenging at the same time.

Lightshow preview:

Gameplay preview:

Additional thanks:
Huge thanks to @that_narwhal for the RT and QAT mod, and @Jabob for the RT mod!
Playtesting: @that_narwhal, @ThySpoon, Nymph, Approxima.
Additional mapping advice: @a-jhintleman and others in the awesome Beat Saber Mapping community.

Enjoy the map. And enjoy the lights

Keep up to date with my maps:
Would love to hear your feedback: Fatalution#3973

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  1. MkxPro55_1 says:

    Very fun map!

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