[Ranked] Destructive Tendencies, Warface – Release The Kraken (Sefa Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
1284 253
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Mapper: jabobgaming

colab between me daan and lobster
THE KRAKEN (Jabob & Daan)
Leviathan (Jabob)
Giant Squid (Jabob)
Lights (Lobster)
Motivational support (Lobster)
Massive thanks to fvrwvrd for both the Ranking and QAT mod and to everyone whos playtested!
Also huge thanks to Checkthepan for all the qat feedback!
reup to fix expert
reup after feedback from top tier mapper frequencia complexa
reup after ez confirm
Star Estimate – 10.7*

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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