Error Code – Case & Point [Chroma]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
599 21
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Mapper: Teuflum

Sorry for reupload, env enhancements were slightly broken with a stuck light in Blood’s diff.

I’m very thankful for Aalto giving me permission to organize and upload this big collab. Definitely install the latest Chroma mod to experience Aalto’s amazing lights fully.

Also a big thank you for everyone that contributed to this project and since we have so many different styles of maps in there, I hope that there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The following difficulty slots (with the actual difficulty in brackets in case it’s different) have been filled:
Easy (Expert) – AaltopahWi
Normal (Expert) – Bloodcloak
Hard (Expert+) – Qwasyx
Expert (Expert+) – Kival Evan
Expert+ – Teuflum

One Saber:
Expert – Bullet / XAce1337manX
Expert+ – Kival Evan

Expert (Expert+) – AaltopahWi
Expert+ – Night Xrose

Lightshow – AaltopahWi

Go check out all of their maps here:
AaltopahWi –
Bloodcloak –
Qwasyx –
Kival Evan –
Bullet / XAce1337manX –
Night Xrose –

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Comments (2)
  1. DeanBeatsoff says:

    Sadly can’t get this song to work! It just loads forever in the menu…

    1. XAce1337manX says:

      You’ll need mods for this map to load on pc as this map contains custom characteristics. Specifically, you need SongCore to load this map. Don’t forget to get the Chroma mod for pretty lights.

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