SDVX Madness – Full version on (LINK IN DESCRIPTION)

Difficulties Expert+
12 6

Mapper: loloppe

SDVX Madness. 36 minutes map of increasing difficulty made by well-known mappers. 15655 notes and 31809 events (light manually made by Loloppe).

Song list: Another Chapter (Loloppe), Tomeina Kioku no Kazaana (Rogdude), Touch My Body (Loloppe), Belly Flopper (Hexagonial), Made In Love (BananenTropfen), Chocolate Planet (Mystikmol), Dreamin’ (BananenTropfen), Breakin Asia (Rogdude), Electric Sister Bitch (Kikis), Coldlapse (DankruptMemer), Brain Power (Hexagonial), Puberty Dysthymia (DankruptMemer), Daiuchuu Stage (BananenTropfen), Elemental Creation (BananenTropfen), Altale (BananenTropfen), Prayer (BananenTropfen) and TRICKL4SH 220 (Kikis).

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