We Did It!!! – grandson

Difficulties Expert+
302 33
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Mapper: tranquillizeme

***Requires _Heck, Chroma, NoodleExtensions, and CustomJSONData. Cinema mod highly suggested! You can download them from ModAssistant!***



Thank you to CyanSnow for mapping! Amazing work from the furry as always 😀

Cyan’s maps: https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5cff0b7698cc5a672c8543ac

Follow me on Twitter for updates about future maps: https://twitter.com/TranquillizeMe

Also, please feel free to leave a review on Beast Saber! I love hearing what you guys have to say about my maps, and I’m sure Cyan does, too!

We Did It!!! – grandson | 172 (86) BPM | 2:51 | Expert+ Only | Fully-mapped with Custom Chroma 2.4 Lights, slight NoodleExtensions implementation, and Cinema

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