[DITR2] Aiobahn Feat. Rionos – I’m Here (Guy Arthur Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
509 18
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Mapper: Remie

Fortieth Upload!

This is my submission for the “Diamond In The Rough” event for Bsaber/Beastsaber!

I actually stumbled about this song while I was working one day and was jamming and grooving to it, the whole time at work. Months later, I finally chose this song to use for this event!

I want to give a shoutout to Bloodcloak for being my coach and helping me out with the down mapping for Expert and Hard. I always struggle down mapping, but Bloodcloak was able to show me what beats to choose and how to utilize dodge walls since I rarely use walls in any of my maps. Thank you again Bloodcloak!

With that said, I hope that the Hard Diff. and Expert Diff. are fun! I tried to make it so you “groove” to the music, so I hope I was able to execute that. Expert Plus Diff. is my style of groove and definitely geared more towards the experienced players, but I honestly like the way it turned out, and I hope everyone enjoy this jammer of a song.

Difficulty & NPS:
Hard : 2.73
Expert : 4.36
Expert +: 6.11

[Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map. Keep your eyes on these rookies in the future as their talent develops and read more about the event on Bsaber.com!]

Thank you to everyone who helped play test this for me! This will be my last upload for a while since I do feel the need to step back from mapping. I don’t know when I’ll be back, time will tell.

Feedback is always welcome!


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