Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (Faulty Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert
53 5
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Simply put, a good map for casual players moving up from Normal to Hard, or Hard to Expert. No surprises or difficulty spikes, just smooth play to a fun song with enough variety to keep newer players on their toes.

The patterns in both difficulties provide plenty of opportunity to sway and dance around while you play, often encouraging it with well times piano-streams. 

Representation is very good in both difficulties, especially the use of elevation with the keyboards & vocals.

The song has a canter pattern, no pun intended for MLP music, established by a drum hit and two bass notes, particularly prominent in the opening and ending. Two of the canter notes are mapped in Expert and feel smooth to play. In Hard, the mapping of these is reduced to one note on each canter on the up-beat, so this can feel a little awkward for some players, but the consistency and flow of the patterns make it easy to get into the upbeat rhythm after a few bars.

The few parity-breaks in slow sections of Hard work well for representation.

Lighting is well done, nothing awe-inspiring, but just right for the map.

For a third map, this is a solid effort and shows the mapper progressing, particularly in representation and consistency.

Mapper: NoobMapper

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