[DITR2] Pixel Terror – Millennia

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Phøenix

Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map. Keep your eyes on these rookies in the future as their talent develops and read more about the event on Bsaber.com!

NOTICE!: This map is outdated, if you want to check out the Remastered version, it’s right here!

What a journey DITR2 has been for me and for everyone else. Hard to think this all took 2 months, and with that amount of tweaking and polishing behind this map, as of right now, i have never had a map that has felt this perfect!

Huge thanks to everyone who playtest the map while it was being made!

All of you feedback was really helpful!

@ConnorJC was my coach for the start of the event, but had to drop out mid event because he was busy, which I completely understood. Despite this, i’m still eternally grateful for what he did for me. Connor, if you’re seeing this, hope you’re doing well!

@HelenCarnate was my sub coach once Connor Dropped out. I got very lucky that she was up to sub in, since for some, that would have been it for the event entirely, and she helped me finish the marathon and make my map feel complete. Thanks for everything!

To all the curators and event organizers behind this event, thank you for giving me and other novices this opportunity!

Difficulty: Hard, Expert, Expert+
NPS: [Hard = 2.9] [Expert = 3.9] [Expert+ = 4.8]
Length: 2:46

If you have any feedback about this map (Positive / Negative) then feel free to reach out to me on discord! Phøenix#5713

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