Battle Tapes – Weight of the World

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: monstor

Map #4 is the driving grooves of “Weight of the World” from Battle Tapes.
(new version coming in September 2021)
Maybe you’re already a fan and know the song.
You may have heard it as the top-notch end track for season 1 of the gen:LOCK animation.
Maybe you heard it somewhere else.
Now you get to play it in Beat Saber!

Thank you, Battle Tapes, for giving me the nod to use the song in a map.
Battle Tapes
Battle Tapes YouTube channel
Battle Tapes on Spotify

Special shout out to Cocci, again, for all the extra help and feedback on the Expert and Hard diffs. I’ll stop bugging you now.

Easy is easy.
Normal is in the middle of Normal.
Hard is in the middle of Hard.
Expert is on the novice side. It has pacing similar to Hard, but has more complex patterns that better reflect the dynamics of the song.

some stats
Difficulty NPS | NJS| SPS
Expert: 2.23| 15| 2.24
Hard: 2.12| 13| 2.18
Normal: 1.79| 12| 1.87
Easy: 1.01| 10| 1.06

Have fun with it and please leave a review, or comment if you are inspired.
And go check out Battle Tapes!

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