Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs

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Mapper: stormknight

Wreath of Barbs is the title song off of the 2001 album by the electro-industrial music project Wumpscut (stylised as :wumpscut: or just :W:.)

Wumpscut was founded in May 1991 by Bravarian disc jocky Rudolf “Rudy” Ratzinger. While he occasionally employs the help of guest artists, Ratzinger is the creative force of Wumpscut. In 1995, he started his own record label, Beton Kopf Media, to release Wumpscut material to the European market. He also started the label Mental Ulcer Forges, which has relseased albums from other bands.

Despite Wumpscut’s popularity in gothic/industrial circles, it is a studio-only project and has never toured. Ratzinger stated “I cannot come up to my self-set level.”

The colors are pulled from the album art, with the darker aspects coming from fan art. The overall effect is to give a cold, sterile feel to the map, matching the robotic voice of the lyrics.


Thanks to the playtesters: Vassar888, BrightKnight, Monstor, and CocoaGalaxy!

-Level: Expert+
-Time: 5:26
-BPM: 180
-NPS: 4.29
-Total Notes: 1401
-NJS: 18

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