Melotron – Tanz Mit Dem Teufel

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Tanz Mit Dem Teufel (Ger., “Dance With The Devil,”) is a song by the futurpop/industrial/synthpop band Melotron. It’s from their 2000 album, Fortschritt (Ger., “Progress.”) Another one of the songs I used to dance to in the goth clubs when I went out, it was club standard, at least in my part of the world.

Melotron was formed in 1995 when Andy Krueger, Edgar Slatnow, and Kay Hildebrandt left their former band, The Vermin. The three felt that their new sound didn’t fit their old name. They chose their new name, Melotron, as a neutral word that would stand for one thing: the band and its three members.

Until 2007, the band sung strictly in German, proud of the language. The band said in one interview: “…we keep on noticing that we’ve got many fans abroad who love us because of our language even though they don’t understand it. As for the people who don’t understand the language, worldwide, we are constantly asked if we could send them our lyrics so they can translate them.”
Their 2007 album, Propaganda, was sung completely in English. When asked if they would ever do it again, their respose was: “No. We’ll keep on singing in German, since our English in a sober condition is neither understandable nor bearable.”

Link for the interview of the band:


Thanks to the playtesters: Tocxx, Monstor, Bullet, and BrightKnight!

Special thanks to Nitronik.exe for guidance in getting the German syllables right.

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-Total Length: 4:02

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