Keep It Mello (S3RL Remix) – Outforce & Hartshorn Feat. MC Riddle

Difficulties Expert+
62 9
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Mapper: Remie

Thirty-Ninth Upload

A Collab between Me and AliceXIV! I originally wanted to map the original version of this song, but then I came across the remix by S3RL and decided to map this remix instead! I went to Alice to ask if she wanted to collab on this with me, and here it is! This map is definitely for those who are more experienced and want to move your body alot!

0:00 – 2:24 – AliceXIV Half
2:24 – 4:03 – My Half

Thank you Alice for collabing on this with me, I STILL THINK YOUR HALF IS WAY MORE FUN THAN MINE. ;D

Thank you for those who have play tested this, I apologize for this taking a while to come out, lots of stuff has been happening, but I hope everyone enjoys this map and the song! You know how S3RL always throws down!

Feedback is always welcome!

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