[Ranked] PSYQUI – Funk Assembly

Difficulties Expert Expert+
453 275

Mapper: nightxrose

Huge Thank you to eZconfirmed, dibl, and Dr. Marc for modding,
Also thank you to Spicy Baguette and Atomosphere for being the original testers.
and small thanks to GalaxyMaster for making bomb removal script in order to have lolighter not shit itself with how many bombs there are.
Big thanks to Checkthepan, Fvrwvrd, and the numerous others that have gotten involved in some way during the maps ranking queue journey.
Lastly, thanks to Skeary, Abstr4kt, and others for doing last minute attempts at an FC and fine polish testing.
This map is now a collab with TheWildDash https://beatsaver.com/profile/4235149 who gave essential help for this completely unique map in ranked queue and the ranked map pool.

Enjoy bomb map
Star Rating guess: somewhere between like 11.7 and 12.2 maybe underweight to 11.5

162 bpm (324 peak)
7.48 SPS

20 NJS

In lawless are the original insta-fail bomb map made in mid 2020 and the mid 2021 version that was hotly debated.

This will be ranked soon as there are no reuploads left to do – thank you to everyone who helped this map get here

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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