Kobaryo – Zero-Risk Syndrome (1 Year Edition)

Difficulties Expert+
4 1

Mapper: plasim

Remake of my first published map on 6/18/2020

Thank you all for the support for my maps for over the past year, weather it be encouraging me to map more, giving tips, all of this is deeply appreciated and I will never forget the kind words I have gotten from various people over this time.

I need to give a special thanks to my friend Flazzix, who had me start my first map, popcorn as a part of a challenge I was doing with him (I released this a little bit ago as it was sitting in my wip folder for 10 months unpublished). Without him, I would have never made any of these maps because I most likely would have never attempted mapping.

This year has gone by fast, and honestly, I don’t know if I will still be mapping by 6/18/2022. By Then I will most likely have gone onto another game, but one thing I will not let go is all of the memories I have made in this community weather it be good or bad, and I would do anything to do it all over again.

Thank you <3

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