Niamara 1.2. Dance K-Pop

SHINee – Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note) [V2]

Difficulties Hard
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Mapper: Niamara

SHINee’s back, back, back, back, back!
A more accurate version of my previous Beat Saber map for “Sherlock” from SHINee, based on their choreography.

I’m so curious yeah! 🕵️

3, 2, 1, go!
Tonight SHINee’s in the house!
So give it up, give it up, give it up for SHINee~!

[Update]: Slightly darker left block color~


Personally, I was never quite satisfied with the previous version of this map, because it could’ve been more accurate… xD and now that I can change the colors, I thought I’d make it look prettier as well, while i’m at it!

‘Sherlock’ is one of my absolute favorite songs, music videos & choreos from SHINee and I wanted it to shine~!

(I’m still leaving the older map up in case someone got used to it or prefers the easier version!)


PS: toilet paper roll dance practice!! 🧻🤣 power walking!! 🏃

PS²: Everything about the MV is sooo cool… the story, the mysterious aura, the visuals, the set, the outfits… 🥰 and this is also where the famous “SHINee’s back!” first started…!

PS³: Check out the stage & concert performances too! Their lives are truly amazing!


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