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Mapper: lukasgmiller

E-E-E-Enrgy made this one

[Verse 1: Slump AK]
Just shot at a black man and took his shoes
Customized my AR like in Black Ops II
Just scammed a white kid out of some Gorilla Glue
I don’t wanna f**k this b*t*h, she smell like poo-poo
Just shot at a black man, it was Chad Ochocinco
Finna go to the store to buy some Tampico
Just scammed a bum ass b*t*h who work at Home Depot
Just beat his ass up and punch him in the jaw bone
This b*t*h broke as hell, she can’t even buy a ice cream cone
Tried to scam this b*t*h online, but she only had insufficient funds
Scammed a white kid, he asked for a refund
This b*t*h irritate me, I’ma have to block her number
My dumb ass got jumped, I was outnumbered
Scammed Adam22 off No Jumper

[Verse 2: Lil Rocket Launcher]
Just stole some my grandma’s Percs and now she got mad
Killed a orphan’s parents and now he sad
Chillin’ at home listenin’ to IGOR
Got so high I saw a dinosaur (Bruh)

[Verse 3: Slump AK]
This b*t*h broke as hell, she can’t even buy a Krabby Patty
Just f**ked a b*t*h yesterday and bought her a Krabby Patty
Finna f**k this b*t*h and I’ll buy her Taco Bell
This dude, Mark, mad as hell, he got scammed through Zelle

[Verse 4: Lil Rocket Launcher]
We like a bootleg dynamic duo
Shoutout Teejay, Kasher Quon
If he pull out a gun, n***a, we gone
We don’t do crazy sh*t like shoot up schools
Like my homie, Adon
Beat up my homie ’cause he tried to kiss me
Slump AK, he look like a bootleg Bruce Lee (Bruh)
Beat up a kindergartner, that n***a was five years old
f**ked with a sick b*t*h, now I got a cold
Just kicked this dog ’cause she was tryna fight
Just caught a crackhead tryna steal my bike

[Verse 5: Slump AK]
Just beat his ass and knock him out with a paper towel
Scammed an NBA player named Josh Powell

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