Summer – Ace Marino [Rhythm League]

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Mapper: techbutterfly

A member of the dancesaber community was telling me last night about a show they’re working on called Rhythm League, that will feature people playing rhythm games, including Beat Saber. She told me that the show needs to use only licensed music, and that they had acquired licenses for a bunch of songs – the only problem is, very few of them have been mapped for Beat Saber. Since this show involves some of the dancesaber community, I felt they deserved to have at least one map they can really dance to, so this morning I took one of the licensed songs and mapped it. It’s Summer, by Ace Marino! Hope folks have fun with it, either in Rhythm League, or just on their own!

Expert standard level only – I only had a few hours to work on this one. There is a Hard difficulty – it’s the same as the Expert, just without the walls, for people who use avatars when recording. This is the first map I’ve released in the last year and a half that doesn’t have a 360! What is the world coming to?

If you like this map and would like to find more like it – that is, dancy dance maps – come by and browse our growing list of dance maps for beat saber. If you have some favorite dancemaps, come by our discord and suggest them so we can add them to the list! Links to the discord are on the website.

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