Icon Killer – Metaroom

Difficulties Expert+
32 2
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Mapper: 3Stans

Hello yet again, here is a mop that I’ve been sitting on for a lil while, mainly because I was going to use Chroma for it but after ripping my hair out trying to figure out how the hell I would light it I just threw away whatever Chroma I had and slapped in autolights you may or may not need to turn static lights on for, sorry to anyone who was looking forward to that.

but anyway uhh, has a couple gamer 1/8ths bursts in there as well as some somewhat-but-hopefully-doable wide hits if you’re into that.

Video preview:

big thanks to Cyrix for testing

and if u like it or hate it pls giv feedback 3Stans#0003

oh fuck theres a bug in my room

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