Love Me (Feet Saber)

Difficulties Expert
9 0
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Mapper: WolfieBeat

**Requires Mapping Extensions**

Love Me by Kenichi Chiba. This map is a level 7 port from Dancerush Stardom for use with Naluluna Modifier’s Feet Saber mode. Pretty much the same layout with some slight adjustments to fit the Beat Saber platform.

It’s my first map and I chose to port a map to get familiar with Mediocre Map Assistant 2.

Lighting was done by Z-ANESaber. He did a terrific job and I’m super excited to have excellent lighting for my map. They are also a fantastic mapper. Also, special thanks to KikaeAeon for playtesting the map. Kikae is also one of the best mappers. Please check out both their maps!

Z-ANESaber: https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5dfbafac9921260006527fa4
KikaeAeon: https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5cff0b7498cc5a672c85109b

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