Audiomachine – Blood And Stone (Remix)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: Demonspaz

Alright, so I focused a lot on the lighting events for this song. I really wanted to make you feel like you were experiencing a truly EPIC adventure playing this. I fully mapped Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties. I want all gamers of all skill-sets, to experience how epic you feel playing this custom song. Everyone’s enjoyment is very important to me and I’d like as many people as possible to experience this for what it is, an epic experience.
*Good or bad, feedback is always appreciated.
Discord: DEMONSPAZ#4708

*For this specific song. If you’d like to experience it for how I meant it to feel while playing. Than I would recommend to wear your surround sound headset and use the original lighting event colors.(Red and Blue)
*Hard difficulty is very similar to Expert. I removed very little of the harder notes to hit, made the notes flow a lot smoother and I made some of the notes tighter grouped for Hard. As the note patterns are similar to Experts, the sole purpose of Hard is to practice the flow for Expert for those who might not be able to complete it just yet; I took you in to consideration. I truly hope you enjoy this, have fun and I always welcome feedback both good and bad.
(If you enjoyed playing this, check out a similar song I mapped called “Two Steps From Hell by Black Blade”.)

I upload a video on to YouTube of every song I map (usually playing the hardest difficulty for that song). Subscribe if you’d like to know when the next one is ready to play. 🙂

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