Xavier Cinema Mod

dua lipa (Feat. DaBaby) – levitating (The Cinema Experience)

Difficulties Expert+
1537 40
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Mapper: Xavier

This beatmap Requires Cinema mod to play ! But all u quest users and non cinema players don’t get your panties in a bunch 😛 I will be releasing another mapfile in a week with a regular lightshow and normal cinema settings so that everyone can enjoy this map ! I know this map might not be for everyone as quest users cannot use cinema mod and some people may not like the effects created and that is why I will release 2 mapfiles ! So HUGE Thanks to Dakari the creator of cinema mod for all his hard work creating this mod and keeping it updated for everyone to use . Dakari really deserves all the credit for creating this effect with cinema as I pretty much stole his config settings. with his permission of course . So what he did was lower the floor quite a bit making the bloks appear to be levitating and giving u a full reflection of the video on the floor . then he brought the screen in closer and blew it really big so it spans almost you whole peripheral vision in game immersing u in the experience . I never knew this sort of thing was possible with just cinema mod alone until dakari showed me something ! and I knew right away I had to try and create something using this effect ! and let u all experience this . to get the best experience with this map I suggest turning off environment overrides so the map plays in the environment I set then turn on mirror effects to high in graphics settings ! then for an un obstructed view I would turn on no text & huds . then enjoy the experience for your self as this is something that just has to be seen in game ! no video will do it justice !!! I am super proud of how this map turned out and I really hope u all enjoy it as much as me and the testplayers who I also need to thank ! Noxn,TinkerVr85 ,amagwynn and dakari

ps make sure cinema mod is set to download 1080p videos or it will not look very good !

an extra side note to those that even read these descriptions anyone on the newest version of bs 1.16.2 ! cinema mod has not made it to mod assistant as of just yet but there is a new version of the mod on the #Pc-mods channel in the bsmg !

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