paper_core 360 Degree 90 Degree

Fvrwvrd – Amogus

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
765 252
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Mapper: paper_core

thank you slimyblob for repairing the .dat file (headache :100:)
denyah was added in the song & pure was removed because racist

thank you nolan narwhal & altrewin for the mods

Paper Amogus
Rogdude Sus
Coolguy Vented
Fraies’ potat is sus
Complex Simple


Depito Recycling (Ex)
Emy Feast Ov
Narwhal 8 star
mocha Haha
Garsh am

No Arrows:
Dexty is sorry.
Foxy inecticide
Dibl wtfwtfwtf
Vasili Lost it v4
Harbgy Just Move


StreetLove Hey 😉
Kitoyos Sus
Bush’s Bush
Rusty JOI!
pure emrgncy metng

90 Degree:

Oddloop paul
ptotpa’s questionable decisions
Mystrik’s sus~!
Schwank lalungus
Nolan ung ung ungus


SCara’s SUShumga (don’t open in editor)
Slimy’s sherrif
ThySpoon Nyaa~
Hades’ pain
and finally, the man who made this art piece possible
Fvrwvrd SUSS

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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