Invisible Frenzy

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: Grasswalk

This map is by far the most difficult map I’ve ever made, and it’s a little out of my league, so there should be a lot of flaws. Please feel free to give me feedback on the discord: @GrassWalk#8523
( This map did not meet my expectations but I did not have the ability to modify it so I uploaded it As my skills get better I may redo this map again w
Map data here:
Duration: 4:55
BPM: 296.5

NJS: 21.75
Offset: -1.7
Half Jump Duration: 2.3
Jump Distance: 20.246

Total NPS: 11.79
Mapped NPS: 12.31
Peak NPS:
16 beats: 34.9
8 beats: 40.15
4 beats: 40.77

Notes: 3478
Bombs: 65
Walls: 121
Lighting: 3922

Red/Blue Ratio: 0.88
Top Notes: 30%
Middle Notes: 27%
Bottom Notes: 42%
(There are some parts of this map that I can’t afford to do, so for example, the last minute or two, I borrowed some patterns from astrella,and audio and cover also from himXDDD)

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