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Map #3 is done! Thanks to the BSMG discord team for encouraging me to take it from 1 to 4 diffs. This one started as a “fail faster” attempt and turned into a project.
I found a few maps of newer Qemist tunes with Zardonic, so I wanted to map one of their iconic songs. I started with the Spor remix and found that better suited to x-stepping with friends at a dnb party. The original had more texture and variety. I shortened it anyway because it is a tad repetitions at over 4 minutes.

Special shout out to Cocci for all the extra help and feedback on the Expert and Hard diffs.

Easy is very close to a Normal because the pacing is mostly every other beat at 170BPM (Sorry CocoaGalaxy, I’ll do better next time).
Normal is at the upper end of Normal.
Hard is right in the middle of the difficulty range.
Expert is a novice Expert with a few leans and cross board hits.

some stats
Difficulty NPS/NJS/SPS
Easy: 1.35/10/1.34
Normal: 1.99/12/1.99
Hard: 2.95/14/2.91
Expert: 4.09/16/4.05

Lighting was done with Lolighter and then I spent a while changing that to my liking.

Have fun with it and please leave a review, or comment if you are inspired.

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