Du Hast by Rammstein (Kole Edit)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
15031 341
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Mapper: Kolezan

Many has been asking, many have been waiting patiently, many have been confused as to why this hasn’t been done before, but now it’s here and now you can have it too; here’s Du Hast by Rammstein now in Beat Saber!

Song has been edited (shortened) to be tighter and not too repetitive.


BPM: 125.09
Duration: 2:57
Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties.

Easy: 251, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Normal: 444 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Hard: 581 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert: 437 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines

Thanks to VenclaireVR, Redmagi, Horseman, Saut and elliotttate for playtesting!

Download the One Saber version of this map here:


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