Salad’s’ Stamina Challenge REUP

Difficulties Expert+
5 2

Mapper: saladsniper1212

Good luck to everyone. this stamina challenge is really fucking hard. harder than bananens by far so youll need some skill to beat it. Each song takes more stamina than the other one (usually depends on skill) and there are 10 seconds in between each song besides Becureg-Rave Girls because I forgot to add it. but rave girls is really easy and it was just to bridge the bpm gap of 512-570 to 512-530-570 which is still a big jump but im not the one suffering
0:02-1:17 System Failure START
1:27-3:11 Entire Universe
3:21-4:30 Roar of the Jungle Dragon
4:40-6:47 Silver Blood
6:57-7:24 Hotel Hellfornia
7:34-8:28 Becureg axpallef furde
8:31-8:48 Rave Girls
8:58-9:49 Icicle Stinger END

(reupload so everything isnt jump. also no more cross streams and might be fun not sure.)

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