ApAngryPiggy – Afton Family Remix (FNAF Song)

Difficulties Expert+
55 39

Mapper: Luminen

This is the final version of this map which features ApAngryPiggy’s Afton Family Remix. In this YouTube showcase video, I noticed I had left A LOT of double-directing blocks. I’ve gone back through and corrected these errors so this map should be a better experience, enjoy!

Original Video:

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Comments (2)
  1. JVB says:

    i dont know if I’m the only one with this problem but the mapping is just TOO fast. And I mean impossible fast if I compare it too the speed in the youtube video. And I completed this song before and at that time there were no problems with the speed. Maybe something went wrong when I had to install an earlier version of the game again.

    1. Bendy55 says:

      i have this problem too idk what it it but i agree that the map is unplayable at this stage

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